My name is Ruth and I created "Favor Your Child Educational Services" because  I wanted to be able to work with and support the learning of students with special learning needs in a way that I can't in many school settings. I wanted to be able to focus on students that at a particular moment in their learning needs, they require one-to-one educator focus & attention just on them. At "Favor Your Child Educational Services" students can receive one-to-one instructional intervention. Students are offered educational assessments, progress monitoring, assignments, open discussion about the learning, multi-sensory strategies, brain breaks, games, congratulations rewards, praise, encouragement, & consultation with parents or caregivers!

I have (24) years of professional teaching & educator experience working in public, private, & charter school settings. I have worked with students in self-contained, inclusion, blended learning, resource room, cross-categorical, at-home & community, and now the virtual learning setting!! 
I specialize in working with special education, at-risk learners, and learners with ADD, and ADHD. My goal always is to ENERGIZE...EDUCATE...ENHANCE...and EMPOWER  LEARNERS!!!