Due to the (COVID-19) pandemic, all instructional intervention services are made available through the virtual online format. In addition to the online format, "Favor Your Child Educational Services" has always (in the past)offered services to students within their home settings, at a library close to their homes, or another nearby community setting. All sessions are made by appointment only and are planned for (1 to 1.5) hours in length. Fee(s) range between ($25-$45) per one hour sessions.

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Favor Your Child Services

*Educational Assessments *Learning Style Inventory *Progress Monitoring *IEP/ISP support *Homeschool Learning Support *Phonics, Reading, Vocabulary, Writing, & Basic Math Support *Rewards & Certificates *Parent Consultation *Session Reports (Conversational & Written)


Students in grades (1-6) who need academic support, have IEPs, ISPs, or are being homeschooled can receive phonics, reading, vocabulary, writing, and basic math support to enhance their confidence, knowledge & skills.

My name is Ruth and I created "Favor Your Child Educational Services" because  I wanted to be able to work with and support the learning of students with special learning needs in a way that I can't in many school settings. I wanted to be able to focus on students that at a particular moment in their learning needs, they require one-to-one educator focus & attention just on them. At "Favor Your Child Educational Services" students can receive one-to-one instructional intervention. Students are offered educational assessments, progress monitoring, assignments, open discussion about the learning, multi-sensory strategies, brain breaks, games, congratulations rewards, praise, encouragement, & consultation with parents or caregivers!

I have (24) years of professional teaching & educator experience working in public, private, & charter school settings. I have worked with students in self-contained, inclusion, blended learning, resource room, cross-categorical, at-home & community, and now the virtual learning setting!! 
I specialize in working with special education, at-risk learners, and learners with ADD, and ADHD. My goal always is to ENERGIZE...EDUCATE...ENHANCE...and EMPOWER  LEARNERS!!!

  • Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
  • All Sessions are made by appointment only